In 2005, Dongying Jieguang Transformer Factory, in short JG Transformers, was established.

In 2007, JG Transformers passed the test of the ISO9001 quality certification.

In 2009, JG transformers passed the test of the national CQC certification.

In 2010, JG electrical products passed the test of the CCC compulsory certification.

In 2011, JG products passed the test of energy-saving products by national certification center.

In 2012, JG products passed the test of national CQC certification for dry-type transformer.

In 2016, the company renamed Shandong Jieguang Electrical Technology Co., Ltd, and JG Electrical Tech in short or traditionally JG Transformers.

In 2018, JG products passed the test of IEC.

In 2019, JG products passing the test of STL.



JG mainly produce dry and oil-filled distribution and power transformers of 6KV to 35KV. The annual productivity is 4000 units.

Technical Advantages

1. Good short circuit withstand performance

Advanced design and manufacturering process guarantee 100% passing of short circuit withstand test.

2. Full Vacuum Greasing

During the operation of transformer, any micro-bubble in transformer will lead to partial discharge and decomposition of acetylene gas, which degardes dielectric oil. The full vacuum greasing technique can guarantee the vacuum status of the whole greasing process and eliminate all air out of the transformer to avoid the aforesaid problem and extend the service life of transformer.

3. Transformer Tank

1) 100% fluorescent leakage test approach is used in the transformer tank manufacturing process to guarantee no leakage point.

2) Upon customer request, JG can offer the corrision resistant surface treatment (up to 1000hr) according to the standard GB/T1771-2007.

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