Product Detail

33-38.5KV Power Transformer

ID S11/33 Series
CATEGORY Oil Immersed Transformer
KVA 50-315000
Hz 50Hz/60Hz
HV 33-38.5
TAP RANGE ±5/±2*2.5
LV 3.15/3.3/6.3/6.6/10.5/11
LINK MODE Yd11/Ynd11
WEIGHT 295-20000kg
Product Details

Implement Criterion

IEC 60076-1:2011

IEC 60076-2:2011

IEC 60076-3:2013

IEC 60076-5:2006

IEC 60076-10:2016

Working Conditions

Altitude: ≤1000m

Temperature: ≤40℃

Maximum wind speed: 35m/s

Maximum relative humidity: 90%

Earthquakes: horizontal acceleration: 3m/s2; vertical acceleration: 1.5m/s2

Pollution Grade: Grade III

Continental or marine climate

Product Description

Product Structure

Winding: Low-voltage coil is single-layer or multi-layer cylindrical structure, which is made of paper-wrapped oxygen-free copper flat wire or copper foil. High-voltage coil is made of multi-layer cylindrical structure and polyester enamelled copper wire or paper-wrapped copper wire. It has the characteristics of good mechanical strength and short-circuit resistance. Inter-layer insulation is made of DLZ-0.08 insulating point adhesive paper. After the coil is wrapped, it can be dried through the body. The two adjacent layers are firmly pasted to enhance the mechanical strength of the coil.

Iron core

The core is Planar stacked iron core and the core is cold rolled non-oriented electrical steel strip with high magnetic induction, and 450 inclined seam is used to minimize the magneto-resistance, no-load loss and no-load current. The structure has three-phase three-column and three-phase five-column.