Product Detail

10KV Amorphous Alloy Dry Transformer

ID SCBH15 Series
CATEGORY Dry Transformer
KVA 100-1600
Hz 50Hz/60Hz
HV 6/6.3/6.6/10/10.5/11
TAP RANGE ±2*2.5 / +3 / *2.5 / -1
LV 0.4
LINK MODE Dyn11 / Yyn0
WINDING Copper/Aluminum
WEIGHT 130-7100kg
Product Details

Implement Criterion

1.IEC 60076-1:2011

2.IEC 60076-2:2011

3.IEC 60076-3:2013

4.IEC 60076-5:2006

5.IEC 60076-10:2016

Working Conditions

1.The transformer is installed in the distribution room, which is an indoor non-vibration place.

2.No more than 1000m above sea level;

3.The highest temperature is up to +40℃; the highest daily average temperature +30℃; the highest annual average temperature +20℃; the lowest outdoor temperature -30℃.

4.Due to the self-extinguishing characteristics of glass fibers and other insulation materials winding dry-type transformers, flame retardant and explosion-proof, no arc will be generated due to short circuit, no toxic and harmful gases will be produced by resin at high temperature, and no environmental pollution will be caused. It can be installed close to the load center.

5.Because the winding does not absorb moisture, the iron core and clamps have special anti-corrosion protective layer, which can operate in 100% relative humidity and other harsh environment.  

6.Seismic Intensity: 7 Degrees

Product Description

General Advantages

1.Long service life and low comprehensive operation cost

2.High heat resistance grade

3.Good fire protection and environmental protection performance

4.low noise

5.Low loss

6.Excellent performance in withstanding harsh environment

7.Good mechanical performance and short circuit endurance

8.Maintenance-free and stable operation

I. Excellent electrical performance and outstanding overload capacity

The envelope resin is imported H-grade epoxy resin, which has excellent electrical performance. Special winding structure is adopted to ensure that the resin completely permeates all corners of the coil, to eliminate the existence of voids, and to ensure that the partial discharge of each product is less than 5pc. The filler resin has good thermal conductivity. The large capacity transformer adopts the design scheme of axial cooling airway. The transformer can operate with 120% - 130% load for a long time and 150% rated load under forced air cooling.

II. High mechanical strength and short circuit resistance

Using high purity silicon powder as filler, the thermal expansion coefficient is close to that of copper wire (oxygen-free copper 18.6X10 ^ - 8 /, filler resin 23X10 ^ - 6 /). It can expand and shrink simultaneously with copper wire. The special winding technology is adopted to eliminate cracking. The filler resin has strong mechanical properties and the tensile strength reaches 68MP. The transformer will not have any effect on the structure of the transformer after withstanding short-circuit electrodynamics force, which greatly improves the short-circuit resistance.

III. Safety, environmental protection, maintenance-free and long service life

Because it is encapsulated with anti-humidity and heat, anti-salt fog and anti-mildew resin, it can be put into use without drying, and there is no hanging core inspection of oil-immersed transformer in operation, so it seldom needs maintenance until the end of service life. It has the ability of flame retardant and self-extinguishing, and does not emit toxic gases. It belongs to environmental protection products. The low temperature rise design greatly prolongs the service life, generally up to 30 years.